Civil Project Management and Consultancy

The skill of project management is necessary for every organization around the globe. The same goes for Construction Project Management.

Civileano Engineers and Consultants Pvt. Ltd provides construction project management which combines the everyday work of the project manager and its subordinates. Our company appoints experienced and skilled construction project managers in at our projects, whose main duty is to oversee the managerial construction part of the project from the pre-construction to the final stage.

Our Project management offers a deep understanding to our clients need. We try to work and maintain a good coordination with the client regarding the progress of the work. The proper execution of any project lies on the particular skill of Project Management. This part includes the timely availability of desired tools required for a particular construction work and the overall project needs expert’s supervision for maintaining the perfection of architecture.

Different Phases of Project Management


The design of a project must reflect the plan of a construction. In this stage, proper feasibility and programming along with schematic representation are developed. Our dedicated design team makes the design codes following the government regulations. This is the stage where the bid is made.


When a client serves contract notice to the builder, it is then we start with the project. In this team of workers, Sense Projects Pvt. Ltd. Incline construction project co-coordinators, project engineers and a project manager.
Site investigation is carried out in this stage. This helps to find out whether any particular step is required to be included or excluded for the benefit of the project. Sense Projects Pvt. as one of the reputed and leading construction company in Mirzapur and Pan India focus on cost-management, time management, quality assurance, administrative contracts and overall supervision of the projects.